Phlebodium Blue Star Fern 14cm Pot Plant


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The Phlebodium Blue Star Fern is a perfectly, imperfect, plant with its sporadic leaf structure and its sensational greeny-blue colouring. A perfect plant for a hanging pot, or as a shelfie addition. Be sure to remind your customers about this plants specific watering requirements to help ensure their success.

  • Habitat: Will grow 50-100cm indoors. Avoid draughts. Does well in a humid environment.
  • Light: Likes bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.
  • Water: Keep the soil moist, but do not over-water. Like most plants, over-watering will cause root rot. Avoid watering the central stem (rhizome) of the plant.
  • Soil: Will be happy in a bark/peat-based soil mixed with an orchid mix through it to help create a free-draining medium.
  • Fertiliser: Ferns do not require too much additional fertiliser, other than diluted amounts during growth periods. Too much fertiliser can hurt your plant.