Thank you for your support during this time. You can order using our website for contactless pickup or delivery. Covid-19 has had an impact and there are still shortages of some flowers in the New Zealand market as growers were limited in their production throughout the lock down. Therefore we may need to substitute some of the flowers in your order to give you the best value for money. Any questions, please call us on 03 688 8844 or email

School Ball

Got a school ball coming up and not sure what flowers you need?

We offer a wrist corsage and the buttonhole as a package for $35 


If purchased seperately $25 for a wrist corsage and $10 for a buttonhole


Questions we will ask:

Name of the person most likely to pick it up

Colour of the dress (in detail eg. the type of blue or pink)

Are they wearing gold, silver, pearl or any other colour accessories

Would they like a wire band or ribbon (I would choose the ribbon but both are a great option)

Any particular colour flower (white, cream, red, pink, orange, yellow, nude/blush ect)

A contact phone number