Balloons and Gift Baskets

We have a large range of foil helium balloons available

$15    foil balloon, with ribbons and a weight 

$25 foil balloon, with ribbons, a weight and in a coloured box with big bow (when they take the box lid off the balloon floats up. A great surprise)

$3 latex balloon filled with ribbon   - we can either weight them individually or as a bunch 

We have heaps of different colour latex balloons and lots of foil balloons to suit any occasion , or if you have your own balloon we can fill them for you 

NOTE: Helium does cost a lot of money so for large numbers you could be looking at $20 and up. You are more than welcome to bring the balloon in and we can give you a price 


Gift Basket

Please try order these a few days before to give us time to go collect goodies although we do our best with last minute orders. 

Basket and the food products will vary based on availability and specials. Or standard option includes cheese, crackers, chutney, sweet treats, and yummy snacks with a few bits of fruit.

When we see an ocasion that we think something else might be more appropriate (eg.hamper for someone in hospital) we will purchase products that we think would be better suited for them

If you have any special requests please do let us know and we will do our best